Yin and Yang

Women and Men are built differently. While men are reason and logic dominated, women have feelings as the dominating factor in their psyche. Therefore the way they perceive things, the way they think and behave as well as express is different. While men are physically very strong and aggressive, they are said to be weak hearted and quite mellow inside. Women on the other hand are feminine and delicate on the outside but can be fearless and strong willed from within.

Happy Marriage

Women are built to play multiple roles and are born survivors. They have the resilience as well as forbearance to accept and rise above all challenges in life. The fact that they need to play multiple roles and juggle many responsibilities makes them resilient and emotionally intelligent. Every woman has the qualities of a mother. Hindu philosophy equates nature with divine mother concept. Mother is the one who gives birth, nurtures and looks after every being and everything in this manifested universe. Therefore we call her as mother nature. Women in the physical form are endowed with similar qualities of the divine mother who is all forgiving, giving and loving to her children.

A marriage between a man and a woman is a multi dimensional relationship. On a physical plane there is the physical attraction and relationship. After a few years of marriage, the relationship changes and there exists emotional dependence and man often begins to depend upon his wife like he would on his mother. Every woman understands her man. She can follow his thoughts without being spoken and she knows him better than he knows himself.

We may find it surprising but in many cases it is the women who are able to detect health problems with their men and seek professional help and care. Men can be lazy or afraid to admit to themselves and to others that something is wrong with them. They are likely to postpone or put off any talks about their health until such time that it becomes impossible to ignore anymore.

Men go through a phase similar to that of menopause in women. This phase known as andropause creates a lot of hormonal changes in man’s body and the production of male hormone known as testosterone begins to drop drastically. The hormonal imbalance and the reduction of testosterone produces a host of reactions pushing men into depression, anxiety as well as causing impotence in the form of erectile dysfunction. The body begins to lose its body or muscle mass and men are often faced with a kind of fear or anxiety which they cannot fathom.

When men go through a traumatic phase and do not know how to react or to look at their situation, it is their wives who are able to think on their feet and find solutions. Women can smell things and see those things that men cannot see in themselves. They are quick to identify their behavioral problems, isolate the causes and explain to the doctors as well. When men find it difficult to broach the subject with the doctor it is women who hold the discussion, obtain the treatment plan and ensure that the man follows the treatment. In all this she is mothering the man.

A happy marriage and life calls for a harmonious balance of the male and female qualities in both partners. Both these qualities are present in each individual as well. Harmonious existence is possible when these two sides co exist and blend in unison.