12 Most Common Reasons for Low Libido

Have you felt that your sexual desire has disappeared? Once you identify the root cause of your low sex drive, you can work to resolve the issue.

From a shortage of sleep to drinking too much, wrecked libido is due to several emotional, lifestyle and physiological factors. We present you 12 common problems which may ruin the mood.

Reasons for Low Libido in Men

  1. Stress. The physical body reacts to anxiety and stress by secreting cortisol and adrenaline. In particular, chronic stress may interrupt with the hormone levels of the body and lead to low libido. The arteries also taper and restrict blood circulation in reaction to stress which can result in erectile dysfunction.
  2. Low Self - Esteem. It’s difficult to feel romantic when your self-esteem is low or when you have an improper body image. “The person who feels unappealing has very less interest in sex,” says Mark L. Held, a clinical psychologist, PhD in the Denver region. “Fears of disapproval may also come in to effect.”
  3. Depression. Sex Drive and depression are linked in a very complicated way. “Depression may alter the biochemistry of the body and therefore decrease the libido,” says held. “It’s hard to feel sexually active when undergoing depression.” Some drugs commonly used for the treatment of depression may reduce the sex drive as a side effect.
  4. Drug or Alcohol Use. Although less alcohol helps in lowering inhibitions, high quantity can damage your nervous tissues and result in fatigue.
  5. Shortage of Sleep. For a healthy body, active mind and energetic libido, proper sleep is needed. Physically, less sleep can cause increase in the cortisol levels resulting in low libido.
  6. Erectile Dysfunction. Low sex drive is a usual emotional after effect of erectile dysfunction. The person may get stressed after suffering from ED
  7. Medicines. Some medications used for the treatment of high blood pressure, depression and other illnesses can influence libido or result in sexual dysfunction.
  8. Hormone Imbalance. Sex drive is directly affected by the testosterone levels. Thus, low libido is generally caused by low testosterone levels – a hormone imbalance. “Low testosterone may be because of inflammation, tumors or injury in the testicles,” says Ira Sharlip, clinical professor, MD at University of California.
  9. Menopause. Females may feel low sex drive during the phase of menopause for several reasons. Level of estrogen drops suddenly during this duration, resulting in the dryness of vaginal tissue.
  10. Relationship issues. When a couple is feeling distant or fighting with each other, there are very less chances of intimacy. Anger, interaction problems, resentment, conflicts – all these negative feelings can reduce libido.
  11. Health Conditions. Severe systemic illnesses like kidney disorder or cancer can affect testosterone levels and decrease sperm production.
  12. Lack of Time. The hectic routine of everyday life can put your sex life in danger. Some people consider that there will be enough time for sex at the day’s end. They don’t make time for sex. But it may not happen unless you schedule intimacy and quality time.