When In Trouble, Talk

People love talking or rather communicating. You watch any two individuals and you will see them talking. Even if they run out of topics, they will continue to talk endlessly or talk nothing. We humans are built to be social beings and have developed the verbal capability to communicate our ideas. It is amazing to see thousands of languages spoken by the humans in different countries.

Most often what we speak and what we mean are two different things. They say that communication between a couple is very essential in any marriage. This is because of the miscommunication that occurs in the conversation. Women are usually said to be adept at speaking up or voicing their opinions. They are also known to speak the opposite of what they mean at times. If they want their husbands to take them out, it is likely that they are going to be indirect about it and put up their price wanting the husband to go out of the way to give them attention.

Sex is an important part of marriage and your relationship

Husbands on the other hand are said to find it difficult to speak up regarding their feelings and show their emotions. It is the wives who manage to understand what their husbands feel and mean without having to be told. But then it is important to communicate clearly all the time least miscommunication and misunderstandings bring about problems.

Women go through menopause in the fifties and the entire period is filled with a lot of problems in the form of mood swings, hot flushes, depression, irritability and other hormonal changes etc. They find it easier to talk about it to their husbands as well as seek medical attention thereby looking after themselves better. In fact in all of the cases the family support especially their emotional support in these times provides a cushioning factor to the lady to come out stronger and deal with what is happening to her.

Men on the other hand also go through andropause. Many men happen to have erectile dysfunction problem causing embarrassment and a sense of shame in them. This is but a physiological condition that normally occurs when the blood flow to the penile tissue gets affected and the individual is unable to achieve and sustain erection. More than the physical problem, it is the psychological impact that comes in as a shock. Most men are unable to voice their problem and discuss the same with their spouses. Not being able to explain and share concerns and find solution to the problem is one part. On the other, they provide ground for misunderstanding due to their inability to explain their situation and shy away from any physical relationship causing anxiety and concern as well as resentment on the part of the wife.

Sex is an important part of marriage and your relationship. Male impotence is a serious concern that affects you , your feelings and emotions as well as your relationship. Therefore it is essential that you seek medical advice as well as communicate and discuss your ED problem with your partner openly. In the long run, your spouse is the best person to help you deal with and come to terms with yourself as well as help you find solution to the problem and resolve your sex issues. Communication is the key to your happy life.