Men And Sexual Health Education

Youth is the human resource of every country. It is the youth who determine the future of our society. Countries who have a productive youth population can strive to achieve progress in every field compared to those which have aged population. However teens and youth is also a very sensitive and experimental age to be in. Most often teens are young adults who think, act and behave like adults but then they lack the maturity and wisdom of the adults which comes only with experience.

World over social programs focus largely on the sexual health of females. This is but natural because the females go through reproductive cycles and biological processes that make them vulnerable and needing extra care. In large parts of the world, women do not have much say in their sexual life and often do not have a choice to make. It is the men who make choices for women in the societies that are male dominated. Though we talk a lot about gender equality, the fact remains that in most countries women do not enjoy equal status. Therefore, it becomes important to focus on sexual education for men. This is but one aspect of the need for sex education. The sexual health risk is another major factor which requires that the men be educated about sexual health and relationship management.

Sexual Health Education

Educating men about sex is important especially in the case of teenagers and youth. At this stage the boys are driven largely by hormones and their socio economic conditions that make them vulnerable to sexual initiation and relationships. It is also a known fact that when the hormones are running a mock, reason and caution do not make sense to the youth. Therefore continual awareness and education becomes necessary to change and mould the attitude as well as beliefs and behavior of youth quite early.

Man plays the role of the head of the family and in most cases he is the decision maker. Therefore when it comes to managing relationship as well as having a family, the role of the man becomes critical. A man who has a larger perspective of life as well as is aware of the sexual health and needs of himself as well as the woman is likely to be more responsible and respect the wishes of women too.

Gender equality demands change in the attitude and beliefs of men so that they are able to learn to respect women and learn to give more space and freedom to women in their relationship. Understanding of women’s sexual health issues is necessary for men too. Only when men are sensitive to women’s sexual health issues, can they provide the necessary support and help for women to go through their biological processes and regain their health and vitality.

The sexual health of women is directly connected with men. There are several aspects of sexual health of men which are not known to the general population. Preservation of the libido is a directly linked to preserving the sexual health and discipline.

In all aspects, it helps to increase focus on men’s sexual health and education so that not only men are benefitted but even the women are benefitted too.