How Can Lifestyle Influence Erection

Having a normal erection is a partner of the normal functioning of a man and so when there is a problem which this, it's become a dysfunction. This is where the word erectile dysfunction emerged from. Since erection as said is supposed to be a normal life activity and its action can be influenced by the lifestyle and by this it won't be wrong for us to say health and perfect sex life shows or portray a healthy lifestyle. Let us consider a few lifestyles that affect erection in man.

Normal Erection in Men

1. Anxiety

If you are ever an anxious type please keep it off your bedroom because this is a very serious destroyer of sex drive or libido and this will really shatter intimacy. Anxiety has a way of redirecting your thought and focus on the activity of sex and once your thoughts are not focused, you will not have energy directed to this area but sparse.

2. Too much stress

Having enough rest and exercise, fun and sleep will really help you to boost your sexual drive but when a man is so stressed, there is a loss of energy and exhaustion of the cells, also the cells of the penis is not an exception.

3. Alcohol

Want to toil with your sex life and develop erectile dysfunction faster than the normal (which occurs as one advance in age) than be an alcoholic because it will propel you to this defect faster than you can imagine. it has an antagonistic action to the nitric oxide release ordinarily because it causes the constriction of the blood vessels taking blood to the heart and also it has an effect on the destruction of normal sex drive and orgasm. If you are advanced in age, you there not be involved in alcohol.

4. Anger

If all you desire is a perfect sex life, this is not supposed to be a companion at all. An angry man cannot have erection no matter how sexually stimulated he might be and this is because, when a man is angry, there will be so much delivery of blood to the face and not the penis thus no erection. An angry man cannot be romantic at all.

5. Medications

This can also be referring to as the use of the illicit drug. Many think that taking psychotropic drugs will give them strength in sex, that's not true because illicit drugs affect the central nervous system. Once this central nervous system is affected by these hard drugs, the individual will not be connected and sex requires nervous coordination.

6. Depression

Can you imagine you depressed and having an erection? This is because it is very so impossible for a man to be depressed and have an erection. delayed orgasm, libido and lack of erection will always happen to a depressed person because a man who is depressed has his brain submerged and dampened by the situations of his thought so bring sex into the game or picture of his head becomes an unprofitable goal. Another connection is that most depressed people are usually involved in taking an antidepressant which is taking to handle depression but these drugs prevent an orgasm from being reached and delay penis erection leading to erectile dysfunction.

Watching of pornography

This must really be avoided with all sense of urgency if erection is your goal because it brings a false satisfaction from physical satisfaction bringing you to abnormal ejaculation