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Viagra – General Information

Viagra is the trade name used for the medication known as Sildenafil. It belongs to the group of medications called PDE -5 (Phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors. Viagra and any other PDE5 inhibitors have the ability to help people who have been suffering from male impotency or erectile dysfunction by increasing the bodily response to sexual stimulation. There are other medications as well that can treat erectile dysfunction such as Levitra (Vardenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil).

Packet of VIAGRA (sildenafil citrate) 100 mg tablets for oral use

The Working of Viagra

Viagra will not cause a man to be sexually stimulated. The mechanism of Viagra only works when you are already sexually stimulated. To understand it better, the mechanism behind getting an erection needs to be understood better. After the sexual stimulation occurs, the central nervous system triggers the release of nitric oxide (NO) in the penis. This compound will stimulate a particular enzyme that is used for producing messenger cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP). This chemical is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscles that are found in the arteries and blood vessels carrying blood. When they are relaxed, more blood enters the penis. This in turn causes an erection. The work of Viagra is to control the cGMP level present in the smooth muscles. If there is no stimulation present in the first place, the brain would not trigger the release of nitric oxide and the whole mechanism will not take place.

Effectiveness of Viagra

In many clinical trials it has been found that when Viagra was given along with placebo to the experimental and control group, the improvement in ED was quite significant. Although, the FDA approved its usage as an effective and safe drug, everybody cannot consume this medication.

Viagra and Its Effect on Blood Pressure

Viagra has the ability to lower the blood pressure slightly. Most men do not find it a big problem. But the effect of Viagra can be exaggerated if it is taken along with a nitrate drug. Nitrates are prescribed to patients who have angina. Taking nitrates and Viagra together can subsequently lower the blood pressure which could also be fatal.

People who have any condition related to the heart should discuss it in detail with his doctor regarding the use of Viagra.

The Duration of the Action

Viagra should be ideally consumed an hour before having sex or sexual intimacy. If the tablet is taken in an empty stomach, it will show greater effectiveness which may extend to five hours. Right after a meal with high fat content, the drug will take longer than an hour to start the action.

Different Doses

Viagra is available mainly in three different doses, the smallest being 25 mg, and the highest being 100 mg. The 50 mg tablets are the one that are usually prescribed to patients. Depending on the severity and toleration to the drug, the drug dose can be either increased or decreased. The dose is decided by the doctor taking into account the age, overall health, and drug interactions.

It is quite common that at the first time Viagra may not work as you expect. Most doctors will say that it takes about six to eight trials for the body to get adjusted to the drug.

How To Use Viagra For Best Results?

It is an admitted fact that people have made their lives very busy. In their busy life, they spend a very short time with their family and sometimes their family members complain about their unavailability at their home due to the busy schedule. For those people, who have made their lives busy because they want to earn a lot of money must share their time with their family. The money can come back after losing it but you cannot find the love of your family at the cost of money. Besides this, giving a very short time for the care of health is also a matter of great thinking. Life has a great importance and it is one of the precious gifts of God. One should try his level best to do its best care. For this purpose, he should go for medical checkup to his family doctor. In case of facing any health problem, the doctor will be able to give him immediate and best treatment at initial stage. Well, this paragraph depicts the behavior of today’s people and now the time has come to change it.

Here I am going to brief you about the use of medicine that is specially made for a sexual problem treatment. You know that sexual problems are increasing rapidly these days because of the carelessness of people. People do not care about the advice of their family doctor and eat whatever they want from the market. We all are familiar with the quality of food sold in market. Most of the people do not give importance to the hygienic food and sell everything to people. Such things are becoming the major cause of blood pressure and ultimately the cause of many other health problems. Sexual dysfunction is also a health problem which was not common in past. Only a few people became the victim of this sexual problem. Now many people have started getting this sexual problem. Considering this increment in sexual dysfunction patients, doctor started working on the project of treating this problem. At last, they got success and made Viagra for this purpose. Viagra is easily available medicine for sexual dysfunction treatment and every person can easily afford it. The use of Viagra was confined for sexual dysfunction treatment at start but later doctors start recommending it for other purposes. Basically, the use of Viagra is related to the muscles relaxation and blood flow rate. Since sexual dysfunction does not allow the male to get penis erection due to less flow rate so the use of Viagra enables that male to maintain his erection by increasing the blood flow. The blood flow remains high for many hours so the male gets enough time of penile erection.

Generic Viagra - The Blue Pill: The Most Frequently Asked Questions?

More commonly known as generic Viagra, the use of Sildenafil is becoming more frequent and widespread. What is it, how is it used and what risks can it cause?

Sildenafil citrate is the active component of the famous Viagra, the drug which was launched in March 1998 in the United States revolutionized the landscape of sexology.

Currently, it is indicated and marketed in almost all countries of the world, with a high degree of therapeutic success, in erectile dysfunctions of different emotional origins (stress, depression, anxiety) and physiological (advanced age, vascular, hormonal or neurological problems, association with certain chronic conditions such as diabetes, etc.)

How it acts and what its characteristics are:

Erection is the stiffening of the penis produced thanks to a complex mechanism that includes the emission of a variety of substances that relax the smooth muscle. It allows the increase of the flow local blood Sildenafil intervenes. Not in a mechanical way, but necessarily accompanied by sexual stimulation since it does not influence the libido.

Most frequently asked questions about generic Viagra

The most frequently asked questions about generic Viagra:

- For how long and in what dose do you have to take generic Viagra to take effect?

The effect is almost instantaneous. One tablet is taken one hour before intercourse.

-And if a man has or expects to have relationships every day?

It can be taken every day, but only one tablet per day.

- What happens if the tablet is taken and then the sexual relationship is not given?

There is nothing to worry about because the medicine does not act if there is no excitement. It is not an aphrodisiac substance that produces desire, but it intervenes in the mechanics of erection. If there is no relationship, it is simply eliminated after a while.

- Is it recommended to eat or drink something else that guarantees its effect?

You can but not necessarily drink some alcohol as moderately as possible. For the rest, it is a good idea to eat light, without fat or frying, to accelerate the response of the medication.

- Will it be necessary to take it forever?

No. This substance produces a progressive improvement that allows dispensing with it after a variable time of treatment, from a minimum of three months.

- Can it be said that it is a drug for the elderly?

It cannot be said drug. Just as erectile dysfunction has no age. It does not have the solution either. Any young person with problems that Sildenafil is able to fight stress, fears, diabetes, etc. will benefit from its administration in the same way as a senior citizen.

- Is there a maximum age limit?

There is no any maximum age but of physical conditions. If the patient has any of the incompatible pathologies or is taking medications contraindicated with Sildenafil, it should not be administered. But I know that it has given excellent results, and no complication, in men up to 90 years.

- Does it cause any side effects?

Sometimes it causes the classic phenomena associated with Vasodilatation, or some of them (heat, flushing, nasal congestion, etc.), but for a maximum of one hour, and without any consequence.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that acts as virtual money. Its’ invention in 2008 revolutionalized the banking industry. It helped to eliminate the intermediary in financial transactions, which in this case, was the bank. The technology that is used in formulating Bitcoin has gained global popularity as more and more cryptocurrencies are emerging in the money market. However, Bitcoin remains to be the most common form of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins do not operate the same way as normal currency as they are not regulated by a Central Bank. The Bitcoin blockchain technology enables the currency to be sent from one person to the next. Bitcoins can be used to purchase goods and services, and they are used as a form of investment as they can easily be changed into cash.

One misgiving of Bitcoins, however, is the fact that transacting with this currency is risky. One has to be aware of the scammers who may dupe them of all their money. There are three safe ways that you can get this currency. One is by selling products and services after which you are paid by Bitcoins. This is done through specific sites that support purchase transactions. You can also get a Bitcoin seller who will take your cash in exchange for Bitcoins. There are also Bitcoin ATMs that exchange your cash into Bitcoins.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency has evolved since its inception in 2008. Despite the many safety risks that are associated with the technology, it remains one of the safest ways to send money overseas and especially to underdeveloped and developing countries. The use of Bitcoin has gained popularity, and it is now being used in high-end stores as well as hospitals. There is no fixed exchange rate for Bitcoins, and the prices rise and fall with the market forces of demand and supply.

Expert Tips For Making Use Of Viagra

A number of men looking to have a longer lasting experience on the bed turn to Viagra and often times take it without cognizance to the fact that taking it the wrong way would certainly lead to side effects. There are however some very vital instructions that you should have at the back of your mind when making use of this drug if you do not want it to end up a curse instead of a blessing to your body.

Expert for Viagra Usage

What exactly is Viagra?

Sildenafil is the nomenclature of the drug that is deployed to address erectile related issues and is sold using different names in different parts of the world. One of such a brand is known as Viagra which was made originally by Pfizer in the later parts of the 1990’s backed up by adequate research; hence all brands of sildenafil are referred to as Viagra.

Why take care when using these drugs?

When it comes to the optimal usage of this drug, we are simply talking about the appropriate dose of it for the right patient as well as giving the patient adequate information as regards how it should be utilized. There are lots of men out there who make use of this drug without actually consulting a medical practitioner and instead go through certain online platforms and this could end up to be a rather counterproductive move that could end up proving to be fatal to the health of the one who takes it.

Another angle to this is the fact that there are actually a number of men out there who actually get treated by doctors who are either not qualified or just not experienced in that line of medicine. It is therefore very imperative to state that for anyone willing to make use of this drug, great care should be taken to ensure that the history of the patient is duly considered especially as regards his sexual functionality, the details of his relationships, his psychological history, as well as his general health condition.

Viagra is generally seen as quick action solution and as such, it is given as a placebo that is used to treat the challenge of erectile dysfunction in men that have psychological issues. However, if care is not taken, the patients may begin to think that they can only perform well under the influence of Viagra and as such may decide to continue making use of it without getting the advice of the doctor. Factors such as education, good sexual history as well as counselling are usually what is mainly needed by men who have psychological issues. Medical treatment can be made use of as a short-term solution for improving their confidence, however, it is best to understand that this on its own is not a long-term solution.

How to use it

  • Wait for at least 45 minutes before you make use of it before you engage in any form of sexual activities
  • You should as a matter of importance be in the mood while you are having sex, it should not be about looking at the time in an anxious manner. This drug will only work when there is a drive for sex, it does not on its own create the sex drive
  • Avoid consuming fatty food during the hours leading to your sexual adventure.

Can Anyone Use Viagra?

Viagra is a medicine which is used for treating erectile dysfunction in men. It is one of the highest selling medicine in the world and is prescribed to a lot of men. Although it is a safe and easy to use medicine still there are certain precautions which need to be taken if you are using this medicine or plan to use this medicine.

Before using this medicine, always consult a doctor. The doctor will evaluate your medical condition and prescribe the dosage and frequency accordingly. The most important part will be to evaluate your health conditions which may be contributing to erectile dysfunction. This medicine is not safe for people who have a history of recent stroke, heart attack, history of low blood pressure, heart disease or cardiac problems, inherited eye disease, Liver and kidney problems or disease and NAION (Non-arteritic anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy). Apart from this, there are other treatment options for erectile dysfunction but they may possess certain risks to health.

High blood pressure carries many health problems and one of them is erectile dysfunction. I am taking Viagra medicines as per doctor’s prescription. Working very good and giving best results.

If in case you have any of the following conditions, such as Haemophilia, heart problems, multiple myeloma, Leukaemia, sickle cell anaemia and stomach ulcer, it is imperative that you consult your doctor before you start using this medicine.

Also, apart from the health conditions, there are certainly other instances as well which can be dangerous. These can be excessive alcohol use, using it as a recreational drug, contradictions with other medicines, for patients suffering from other health conditions, cases in which couples have difficulties in the relationship, if the person is allergic to the ingredients of the medicine, patients not suffering from erectile dysfunction, history of side effects after using this medicine, buying this medicine without a prescription, when the user of this medicine is not male, counterfeit of this medicine and if the user of this medicine do not plan to have sex. These conditions are important for the safe usage of this medicine.

Excessive alcohol and other recreational drugs can diminish the ability to obtain an erection. If you are drinking alcohol while using this medicine, then make sure to check with the doctor about the safe limits. Usually, 14 units of the alcohol are advised over a course of one week. It is also important to know that long and sustained use of alcohol can damage the arteries which supply blood to the penis. Alcohol can also decrease the efficacy of this medicine. If you are using nitrate medicines or certain other erectile dysfunction medicines for pulmonary arterial hypertension then do not use viagra. Taking the medicine together with Viagra can cause an immediate drop in blood pressure and even death in certain cases.

Impotence in a relationship can take a toll. If you are not ready for sex, then do not use this medicine. It can be an emotional subject Hence, make sure that you take psychological support necessary and even counselling as it can be helpful in sorting things out. If you do not have erectile dysfunction then using this medicine can develop this condition, when you try to engage in sex without using this medicine.

How Could You Benefit From Using Viagra To Treat ED

Mostly, men are suffering out of an occasional episode of ED, Erectile Dysfunction. Medical professionals believe that this condition must be taken seriously, especially when you are suffering from ED on a constant basis. Even, you should not undergo self-treatment for the condition of erectile dysfunction. Thus, it becomes a necessity to get diagnosed by a physician in order to find out the cause of impotency. Most of the men hesitate to discuss their sexual issues with their doctor, yet professionals suggest that you should take the problem seriously. As ED is a common sexual problem, doctors are quite comfortable in discussing the condition.

Request your doctor regarding Viagra treatment:

If your doctor confirms that you suffer from erectile dysfunction, which needs a treatment with the intention to help you in restoring your sex life, then he might suggest you a wide range of treatment options including vacuum pumps, impotence pills and penile injection. Nowadays, most men prefer to make use of impotence pills like Viagra. Viagra is an FDA approved product, which is popular for its efficacy and safety. You are required to take the pill about 60 minutes before the expected sexual activity. For about four hours, the effect of this medicine will last long. During sexual stimulation, the tablet will help you in achieving a firm as well as prolonged erection that seems to be essential for your sexual intercourse.

Determine whether Viagra fits for you:

Although Viagra is assumed to be safe & effective, the medication may not be right for almost everyone. Men who are taking nitrate based medicine must not consume Viagra tablets. This is because the combination of Viagra and nitrate could cause a dangerous drop down in your blood pressure levels. It is also not recommended for men suffering from heart diseases. Thus, while you are starting to take Viagra pill, please discuss the same with your doctor and assure to reveal all your medicine you are taking together with your medical conditions. Further, learn regarding the probable side effects of using this medicine.

Viagra is the best medicine so far I have used for erectile dysfunction treatment. It works tremendously well and shows best results during sexual intercourse.

Do not exceed your recommended dosage:

Manufactured by the Pfizer pharmaceuticals, Viagra pills are present in 3 dosage strengths including 25 mg, 50 mg & 100 mg. Usually, physicians ask the patients to begin the Viagra treatment with the possible lowest dosage. In case the lower dose does not give expected results, you may boost the dosage strength. Keep in mind that you should not change the dosage of Viagra on your own at any cost. Moreover, you should not consume a Viagra pill more than once a day.

Viagra is not an Aphrodisiac:

Men should be aware that taking Viagra tablets to treat erectile dysfunction doesn’t work as an aphrodisiac as it does not boost your libido or sexual desire. Also, it doesn’t provide birth control or even prevent from getting sexually transmitted diseases. This medicine is just for getting an erection if you are in sexual stimulation. If relationship problem is the major cause of your impotence, you need to work hard to develop your relationship and get the maximum benefit provided by this medicine.

The Various Systems Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in hypertensive males

Erectile dysfunction is rampant in hypertensive males and usually reported to the patients by the healthcare provider while they are receiving hypotensive therapy, which has made it more extensively believed by patients and healthcare providers that source of erectile dysfunction is a certain antihypertensive treatment. However, it is indecipherable if this problem is associated with its therapy or hypertension. Erectile dysfunction usually put into existence intense emotional distress and can have an unfavorable effect on the individual's health generally. Erectile dysfunction is problems that relate to erection, libido, and ejaculation. The occurrence of erectile dysfunction is well pronounced in hypertensive males. This is because the dysfunction in males is commonly believed to be as a result of certain hypotensive agent and usually controlled by a change of treatment. Though, the clinical practice is without a firm basis in science.

Men who cure Erectile dysfunction with Viagra

Mechanism of Erectile Dysfunction in Hypertensive Male

The level of impotence found in males that are hypertensive is likely as a result of changes in the number of processes which occurs in a sexual function that is normal. Therefore, the roles of these processes will be briefly explained individually as it relates to sexual dysfunction in hypertensive men.

Psychogenic Factors

Categorized as being hypertensive, patients are faced with an objective consensus that they have the chronic disease and have a high risk of cardiovascular arrest, stroke or failure of the kidney. Knowing that the patient suffering from high blood pressure can require a long term treatment if not lifelong therapy, this may have an impact on insurance rating, and lower job opportunities, giving the patients multiple psychological causes for less effective sexual performance during intercourse.

Neurogenic Factors

The usual erectile function needs an entire or complete central and peripheral autonomic nervous system. In addition, monoamine transmitters have been confirmed in experimentation in animals and are recommended to play an important role in resolving the difference of sexual desires in human studies. This may shed more light on the aggravated level of impotence in males that are not treated but suffer from hypertension compared with normotensive controls that, know the similarities and differences.

Hormonal Factors

The hormones that usually affect the erectile processes are the testosterone, prolactin, and the luteinizing hormone. Nonetheless, few studies have shown there are no abnormalities caused by these hormone levels in patients that are hypertensive and also receiving pharmacotherapy, some have revealed increased prolactin levels in patients using reserpine and methyldopa. On the other hand, clonidine has been revealed to decrease prolactin level. What is unclear is whether the prolactin level is a major factor in erectile dysfunction.

Hemodynamic Factors

Male organ erection is a majorly hemodynamic process and arises from a great increase in the blood flowing into the penis. So, the high incidence of erectile dysfunction found in hypertensive men that are untreated may be due to the changes in the hemodynamics that occurs in hypertension. In addition, the hypotensive therapy made to lower the blood pressure may cause interference with the intracavernous pressure elevation needed for sustaining an erection.