Intimacy and Sex with Erectile Dysfunction

The least about which men want to discuss about is erectile issues, but if your spouse is among those of the calculated 30 million men suffering from erectile dysfunction, motivating him to frankly talk about it may make him and you happier. Those men who have disclosed their sexual issues to their partners and close friends were less anxious than those who did not, as per the research from Oregon State University.

The study just shows that inability of having an erection or impotence doesn’t have to affect your relationship or interrupt the sexual joy.

Men Suffering from ED may experience deficiency

Why is Interaction Crucial during ED?

Men Suffering from ED may experience deficiency, and it’s mostly a jolt to their self-confidence. ED often becomes difficult on partners, and can make them believe that they are undesirable, unattractive or like they have committed some mistake. “It’s very necessary for couples to discuss their feelings,” says Mark L. Held, a clinical psychologist, PhD in the Denver region.

Ways to maintain Intimacy in a relationship

Both companions should be open-minded to find new methods of intimacy while trying to sort out the problems caused by ED. This might need a new point of view. Couples may try gazing at each other and the way they connect sexually in novel ways.

Play with each other: Try having a playful and light attitude in spite of being helpful to each other. “Live the moment and concentrate on impressing your partner. Don’t worry about the consequences,” says Held. “Open your eyes. Gaze at each other.”

Get innovative with foreplay: The initial phase of lovemaking doesn’t have to begin in the bedroom. “Watch together a sexy and romantic movie,” says Held. “Be more exploratory. Ask yourselves about the fun times during the dating period. Music? Baseball games? Concerts?

Do some other things together: Stop for dinner, Go for hiking or just talk. Spending quality time with each other will motivate openness and interaction in the relationship. “Get involved in activities of common interest apart from the bedroom ones,” advises Held.

Think sex in a modern way: Don’t allow erectile dysfunction to be the center of attraction. “Try oral or manual stimulation,” says Held. “Try using a vibrator to seduce your partner – but don’t make use of it to get an erection. Remove the focus from penis.”

How Treatment helps

A good therapist can assist the couples in identifying the causes of ED and help them through the emotional disturbances surrounding erectile dysfunction. In maximum cases, the source of ED is related to physical factor – like a health condition or lifestyle feature – that’s decreasing blood circulation to the penis. Seldom, psychological problems also play a role in erectile dysfunction.

In younger men, ED tends to be psychological. “Majority of the time, the issue is because of the performance anxiety felt by the man,” says Held. ED in older men is more likely to occur because of physical condition related to health problems like side effects of drugs – diabetes and blood pressure.