Diabetes - A Big Explosion for ED

Attaining an erection is a compound process which needs proper understanding. Nevertheless, erectile dysfunction is caused due to many common and varied problems which are directly associated to diabetes. This explains the reason behind the development of a certain degree of the horrifying ED in 36% to 76% men suffering from diabetes at some point of time. The penis shaft is filled with blood chambers to provide erection or stiffness to the penis. During an erection, the nerve signals originating from the brain or from the penile region stimulate the arteries to actually dilate and the smooth muscles present in the penis relax. This permits the blood to flow in and fill the voids. Diabetes which causes the destabilization of blood glucose levels in the body interrupts with these natural events.

Handling of blood glucose level needs to be done with extreme care particularly if you are a diabetic. This is because the blood vessels and nerves get damaged influencing several body functions negatively. One of them is ability to respond to sexual intercourse. The response of a person to sex decreases greatly. Damage to the blood vessels can cause devastating impact as the release of nitric oxide is blocked which is responsible for dilation of blood vessels. A complete lack or deficiency of nitric oxide leads to decreased blood flow into the penis due to constricted blood vessels. The penis is deficient of blood which would have caused an erection and stiffening. A flaccid penis during sex is of no use to a man. Such a circumstance directly turns into erectile dysfunction. This evidently shows that diabetes is a big explosion for ED.

People with Diabetes

In reality, a study organized by the American diabetes association stated that 74% of all diabetic men also experience hypertension or consume drugs for hypertension. Be careful, as the combination of high BP and diabetes increases the potential risk of blood vessels damage. Blood flow is immensely reduced in such a case of damage. This means that there is an insufficient blood flow to the penile region. The penis cannot achieve the desired erection. It turns into ED of course. Pressure caused due to blood flow pushes the sheath of the penile tissue on the veins that generally drain the blood out.

High cholesterol is a problem common to diabetic victims. It is a big obstruction to the ability of the blood vessels to dilate. The blood vessels are actually choked because of the fatty depositions on the walls of artery. Development and accumulation of these lipid deposits decreases the blood circulation as the veins keep on narrowing. Erectile dysfunction in such a case appears automatically. The penis shaft is troubled on both the sides by a soft and spongy tissue known as corpus cavernosa. This tissue is responsible for erections along with the help of another chamber referred to as corpus spongiosum. Reducing the blood flow to these two regions is like signing a last agreement with erectile dysfunction.